Noordhoek Grated Cheese is founded by Cees Noordhoek and Tijmen Koelewijn, in 1998. Cees Noordhoek already had 35 years of experience in the business of cheese. Cees Noordhoek and Tijmen Koelewijn met eachother and decided to start a company specialised in the grating of cheese. The talent for sales of Tijmen Koelewijn and the knowledge and experience of Cees Noordhoek made the perfect match. In The Netherlands, Bodegraven they start to grate Edam cheese for several bakeries. Soon the first location became to small, so they moved to the ”Beneluxweg” (Beneluxstreet) in Bodegraven. Due to the enormous growth of the company they had to move a second time, in 2010 they moved to the business park ”Rijnhoek” in Bodegraven, which is our current location.

Thanks to the service of our employees and the quality of our product has Noordhoek Grated Cheese been capable to grow immensly. At the moment our assorment contains many sorts of cheese, which we distribute into entire Europe.

Dhr. C. Noordhoek

Dhr. T. Koelewijn